RFP/PROPOSAL MANAGEMENT. Nothing is quite as arduous as an RFP competition for agency fundraising service to a nonprofit organization. Nonprofits have one chance to build a meaningful pool of potential partners from which to make this important decision. Candidates have one chance to make an impression, to advance the conversation, to earn the right to present in person, and ultimately to convince the nonprofit that their solution is innovative, actionable, and effective.

Crafting a document or presentation that balances innovation of strategic solution and originality of creative delivery with structural merits like clarity, voice, and focus is a delicate task.

As a senior executive in a number of agencies that serve nonprofits, as well as a director of marketing for a non-profit, John Thompson has been involved in dozens of RFP experiences, responding to and crafting RFPs that get noticed and acted upon.

DGC offers contractors assistance in framing and articulating solutions, and can write, design and edit final documents and presentations. DGC also assists nonprofits in creating meaningful, effective and selective RFPs that culminate in a rich pool of potential service providers.